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Announcement: Pistachio Raises €3.25m!

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Pistachio Team


This is a busy and exciting time at Pistachio. The commercial team is signing up and onboarding new customers on a daily basis, the tech team is releasing new features almost every week, and the finance and operations teams are working hard to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly behind the scenes.

In order to support this growth and move even faster, we decided it was time to raise money. We therefore are very excited to announce that we recently raised €3.25m in a fundraising round led by Signals VC!

This financial boost isn't something small – it's a strong endorsement of our goal to improve cybersecurity and enhance digital experiences. With these funds, we're poised to amplify our efforts, enhance our capabilities, and reach new heights in safeguarding the digital realm.

Pistachio’s Vision

Pistachio is about empowering digital freedom of movement. We want to enable people to navigate the digital world with confidence, not fear. And we want to do that while fitting into people’s daily lives.

We therefore built Pistachio, our flagship product, around a single principle: seamlessness. IT admins should not have to spend time following up with people to get them to complete their training, picking out phishing emails, grouping users, and whitelisting domains. And users shouldn’t have to waste time figuring out a training platform, logging in, watching videos, and answering questions. People have a job to do, and security awareness shouldn’t distract from that. Everyone’s digital journey deserves simplicity.

We’re so committed to our vision of seamlessness that we even made our onboarding seamless. You can sign up online in minutes, and we offer a free 14-day trial so you can see how it works for yourself.

Our Team

Given that Pistachio is focused on human cybersecurity risk, we think about people as much as we think about technology. And behind Pistachio is a team of excellent people that make everything happen.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we also celebrate the people who make it all possible. Every team member brings their unique skills, unwavering dedication, and passion to our journey. It's also essential to give a special shoutout to our founders, Awais Aziz and Joe Jones, for their exceptional leadership since the company's inception. Together, we are not only reshaping cybersecurity but also fostering a vibrant work culture built on teamwork and excellence.

With support from our investors, hard work from our team, and our shared goal of a safer digital future, we’re ready to lead the way in seamless cybersecurity. Join the movement towards a simpler, safer digital world with Pistachio.

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